First State Bank of Ashby commenced business on July 1, 1900.  The original stockholders were B.M. Houske, N.O. Melby, A.R. Sunju, Peter Lier, Knut Fuglie, George T. Hoff, J.M. Lynne, E.K. Teisberg, A.K. Melby, B.A. Melby, John O. Melby, Henry O. Melby, J.H. Bemis, A.O. Stoa, J.M. Stene, Martin Huggett, J.L. Everts, C.D. Wright, and E.A. Jewett.  Our vision today remains the same as it was for these 19 shareholders over 110 years ago – to serve the community of Ashby in their financial needs with great pride and dedication.

During the May 1911 meeting of Directors, it was decided to construct a bank on the present site at a cost not to exceed $4,500.  The bank was located on the south side of Main Street prior to the new construction.

In 1930, a vault ventilator was installed, as officers were afraid of robbery and being locked in the vault without oxygen.

The Rylander Family purchased controlling interest from the Hauge Family in July of 1966, and it has remained in the family ever since.

A new addition and extensive remodeling was completed on the old building in 1975.  The original front was kept (which remains today), with the addition blending in with the existing.  Another addition was completed in 1980, consisting of more office space and a data processing department.  In 1983, a night-depository vault was added to the front entry.

The most recent addition and remodeling was completed in 2006.  During this construction, a drive-thru window, boardroom, and server room were added.  In addition, the exterior was remodeled, vault expanded, and restrooms upgraded.

There have been numerous changes over the past 110+ years, but one thing will never change – First State Bank of Ashby is proud to serve its community and the surrounding area’s dedicated customers, and the goal is to continue to improve the services offered to these special people.

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